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Guinea pigs are social pets and are therefore best kept in groups of two or more. This enables them to express their natural behaviour, and allows for all of their social needs to be met. Introducing them is also a gradual process, which should be done in various stages. The most suitable pairings are two females or a neutered male and a female. Neutering the male guinea pig removes the potential for any unwanted litters, and avoids the likely problems that can be caused by hormones. Guinea pigs should not be kept with rabbits as they cannot communicate effectively with one another, and the guinea pig is at high risk of getting bullied by the rabbit. We provide free pet advice as every pet deserves to be well looked after. We treated around 35, sick injured and homeless pets last year.

Guinea Pig Bonding

You can either, let them stay as a single piggy, find a boar for a boar, or have your piggy neutered and pair with a sow. The hardest combination is going to be between the ages of 5 months and 2 years, as this is when they are at their most hormonal. They will push boundaries and battle for dominance, just like human teenagers!

The guinea pig or domestic guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), also known as cavy or domestic cavy Statues dating from circa BC to AD that depict guinea pigs have been unearthed in archaeological digs in Peru and Ecuador.

Guinea pigs are instinctively social creatures. Almost all guinea pigs are happier with a friend, although it’s best to let them choose a pal, rather than plop two strangers together and hope they become BFFs. Think about it. Guinea pigs live in groups in the wild, but they get to choose their own network. If your guys are picking on each other, there is still hope. Guinea pig bonding is possible.

You’re wondering how to bond guinea pigs? First things first. They’re gonna need to be re-introduced on neutral territory with lots of space, like a blocked off kitchen, until they settle down. Any hidey holes should have two exits, so no one ends up cornered and feeling defensive. Some yummy guinea pig hay always makes a good distraction, too. Rumbling, humping, chasing, a little chattering, and similar theatrics are to be expected. Louder chattering with an open mouth and raised paw while circling the other guinea pig is a sign that things may be going south again.

You want to separate them before getting to the point of lunging and biting.

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs, also called cavies, are a domesticated species of rodent Cavia porcellus. They were originally native to South America. However, they have been popular for thousands of years as pets and as food, and this species no longer exists in the wild. The Incas domesticated Guinea pigs more than 3, years ago. They bred them as pets and for food and offered them as sacrifices to their gods, according to Sharon Lynn Vanderlip, author of ” The Guinea Pig Handbook ” Barron’s,

Entry Fee → $ per Guinea Pig – No Entry Fee for. Showmanship, but GUINEA PIGS MUST BE REMOVED BY 6 PM. 1. Eligibility: date of Fair entries.

Click here to find out more about the guinea pig adoption process. Given their ordeal and the fact that they are 3 males, they are all getting along wonderfully well and are lively and good eaters. Billy definitely seems to be the most confident and will always run to the edge of the cage when you give them food. They will require spacious accommodation of at least cm bigger if possible so that they can grow into it and are used to living indoors.

We have guinea pigs coming in all the time, and many are rehomed before they even get to the website! So please contact us if you are looking for a pair of guinea pigs, or need a single guinea pig to live with a single guinea pig of yours. Thank you.

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Guinea pig bonding is very similar to rabbit bonding, although often a bit easier. Maybe pigs are just a bit more relaxed about dating!! We have found the best combination to be two females or a female and a neutered male. Boar to boar bonding is possible but our personal opinion is that the bond is likely to be a bit more unstable. Please note that if bonding a neutered boar you must wait 8 weeks after his op.

shelves can seriously injure a guinea pig’s feet and not put your guinea pig in direct sunlight or a drafty area. of the vitamin C (check the expiration date to.

The guinea pig Cavia porcellus , also called the cavy or domestic guinea pig, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. Despite their common name, these animals are not in the pig family, nor are they from Guinea. They originated in the Andes, and earlier studies based on biochemistry and hybridization suggested they are domesticated descendants of a closely related species of cavy such as Cavia aperea, C.

Recent studies applying molecular markers, in addition to studying the skull and skeletal morphology of current and mummified animals, revealed that the ancestor is most likely Cavia tschudii. The domestic guinea pig plays an important role in the folk culture of many Indigenous South American groups, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and in community religious ceremonies.

Since the s, efforts have been made to increase consumption of the animal outside South America.

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Diet: Guinea pigs, like humans, require vitamin C from their food. They are unable to manufacture it on their own. They should be fed a combination of commercially available guinea pig pellets and high quality oat or timothy hay. Rabbit pellets are not fortified with vitamin C and should not be fed to guinea pigs.

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Cage size must be at least 10 square feet for 2 guinea pigs. 3. Date of Birth * If so, please list your pig’s name, sex, age, and whether s/he is altered. *.

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Updates will be placed here once things change. From February we are offering residential bonding where your piggy comes to stay with us for a minimum of three nights and a maximum of seven nights. This allows us time to find the right friend and see the piggies through the introductions and acceptance stage. Bonding piggies is a careful and time consuming process, we work on personality and finding a friend that the piggy likes and wants to spend time with as opposed to just co-existing with.

We usually have a carefully selected piggy in mind to try bonding with, who we feel will be compatible with yours but piggies often surprise us with their choice so the residential bonding ensures a happy and solid friendship.

Bertie (11 months old). Sex: Male; Colour: Silver Agouti; Neutered: No; Suitable for: All; Date of birth: Sept.

Scientists have concluded that guinea pigs never made these noise in the wild, probably because they never had humans hand feeding them pellets and treats. It is not like a cat as it sounds like a mix between a grumble of a dog and a low purr of a cat. Purring is usually associated with being content or happy. You will most likely hear it when you are gently petting your pig. However, sometimes when they hear a startling noise or suddenly feel threatened, they will vocalize this same noise but in short spurts.

The male uses this sound when he is wooing the female to mate. He will start to wiggle his hips and walk around the female in a seemingly arbitrary pattern. This can also happen when there is suddenly a drastic change in their environment. If you hear the growl from your guinea pig, just start petting them very gently to calm him or her down. In no time, the growl may turn into a delighted purr. And, it usually means that they are angry, unhappy or agitated at a certain situation.

Keep doing this until the chattering eventually goes away.

About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are rodents native to the Andes Mountain area of South America. They were domesticated in South America by AD, and possibly as early as BC, by the Incas who raised them for food and for use in religious ceremonies. Guinea pigs were brought to Europe during the s where they were selectively bred as pets and laboratory animals. Four primary varieties are commonly encountered in the pet industry.

The Shorthair or English has a uniformly short hair coat. The Abyssinian has whorls or rosettes in a short, wiry coat.

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Guinea Pig Dating. If you have a bereaved guinea pig also visit our bereaved guineapig page for advice. Guinea Pigs are naturally gentle animals and may just need some rehabilitation or have teenage hormones,they are not naturally aggressive. Like humans its just a matter of finding the right partner of the right age. Guinea pigs are very social animals and love company,therefore as a reputable rescue we only rehome in pairs or a single to live with an exisiting guinea pig.

Imagine sitting in your home all day with no one to talk too,day after day Who does it talk to when your at work,out with your family,chatting with your friends? Who does it play with when its sitting in its cage all day waiting for you too come home? Who can it smell and nuzzle when it wants some comfort? Makes you think doesnt it

Bonding Pigs

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So, since Marmalade passed and piggyfan kindly explained to me what boar dating is, I’ve been looking around at a few rescue sites. Freddie.

Packed full of useful information on how to keep your rabbit or guinea pig healthy and happy, and animals available for adoption. We are the only registered charity with this name for rabbits and guinea pigs, and have no affiliation whatsoever with any other organisation that may be using a similar name. Read more about how we started. Please have a thorough read of the bonding article elsewhere on the website as this will provide you with a wealth of essential information you will need to consider before starting the process.

Expert advice on health issues, behaviour, diet and general welfare is available either in person, via Facebook, or email. You will also find a huge amount of really useful information on the website on a wide range of rabbit and guinea pig topics. Claw clipping, teeth checking, grooming and complete fur trimming are among the services available. Lockdown has given us the opportunity to rethink the rabbit accommodation, and the decision was made to only have pens that had runs attached, so although that will result in smaller numbers being here at any one time, it means that every rabbit will have a good sized Daisy came from us many years ago and has had a fantastic home with her family, even doing a bit of snow boarding in her spare time!

Small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs can get a raw deal Well done Alex! There are some animals that pass through CottonTails on their way to a new home that make a lasting impression, and Marmite was one of them.

Proper Guinea Pig Introductions. 2 Boars Meeting 1 Boar.

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