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The god had numerous lovers in myth. This page describes his divine consorts including the sea-queen Amphitrite, goddess Demeter and Gorgon Medousa. She bore him several divine offspring: Triton, Rhode and Benthesikyme. When Poseidon then attempted to seduce her she transformed herself into the floating island of Delos. Poseidon assumed the form of a stallion and coupled with her. From this union were born the goddess Despoine and the immortal horse Areion. She bore him numerous children including the giants Antaios and Kharybdis. But she, declaring her desire to remain a virgin, retired to the palace of Zeus and kept her maidenhood.


Under Greek influence, he was identified with Hippolytus, who after he had been trampled to death by the horses of Poseidon was restored to life by Asclepius and removed by Artemis to the grove at Aricia, which horses were not allowed to enter. It contained the ancient image of Athena Polias, and three altars, one to Poseidon and Erechtheus, one to Butes and one to Hephaestus; there were portraits of the family of the Butadae on the walls. The Pan-Ionian sanctuary of Poseidon on the Asiatic promontory of Mycale was regarded as perpetuating a cult from Peloponnesian Achaea, and the league of twelve cities which maintained it, as imitated from an Achaean dodecapolis, and as claiming absurdly, according to Herodotus i.

It was supposed to be the offspring of Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, and a snow-white bull, sent to Minos by Poseidon for sacrifice.

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After deposing Cronus, Zeus and his brothers drew lots to see which portion of the world would be ruled by each. Zeus thus gained the mastery of the sky, Poseidon of the seas, and Hades of the underworld. It was also decreed that earth, and Olympus in particular, would be common to all three.

Poseidon (pōsī´dən), in Greek religion and mythology, god of the sea, protector of all Both Poseidon and Athena claimed the region of Attica (pronounced occurs on clay tablets from Pylos dating from the period preceding the destruction of.

Go to content Go to navigation Go to search Change language. Buy your ticket. Search ok. Previous work Attic black-figure hydria. All works. Next work Attic black-figure tripod exaleiptron. Conditions for Use of Images. Go to the artwork description. Author s : Padel-Imbaud Sophie. The third quarter of the 6th century BC was the golden age of the black-figure technique in Athens. Vases dating from this period are characterised by the precision of the incision, the wide range of themes, and their sheer technical brilliance.


Many believe that Athena, with her close connection to the city of Athens, was named after the city-state, possibly invented as a new patron deity for the area. Neumann has suggested that the name Athena is a compound of the Lydian word ‘ati’ mother and the Hurrian deity ‘Ana’. Considering the fact that Athena was known to be a virgin goddess and Ana was a fertility and mother goddess, this link is dubious, and I am more likely to believe that the name ‘Athena’ was an invention of the Athenian people, although it is unlikely that they would have invented an entirely new deity, rather renaming an existing goddess to be the patron of their city.

This seems plausible, considering the appearance of Athena’s name in surviving Linear B tablets invoking her name dating from the Minoan era, which literally translates as ‘lady of Athens’.

The Parthenon at the Acropolis, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Athena and Poseidon compete over patronage of Athens Dating back to the 4th century BC, the structure could seat a staggering 17, spectators, and was used to.

Sign In. Showing all 53 items. The story she tells, is the Greek myth about how the capital city Athens got its name. The citizens of the city were arguing over which god, after whom to name the city. The two choices were Athena and Poseidon, Percy’s father. Both agreed that they would bestow a gift onto the town, and whichever gift was deemed more useful, that giver would have the town named after him or her. Poseidon stuck his trident into the ground, and created a spring, from which the townspeople could use the water.

Unfortunately, the water turned out to be too salty, and therefore useless. Athena presented a single olive tree.

Four Greek Myths to Know Before Visiting Athens

Her father Zeus wanted her to married a god. Athena refused and told her father she would never get married. The next day, Athena looked at her sisters playing and trying to cheer up her. Aphrodite did not understand why she didn’t want to get married. As Athena went by, her father looked at her with a worried face, but why? Because Athena had nothing to do, she went to see the humans, one of her brothers Hercules was a god that could go down to earth so she controlled him.

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Athena – Ancient Greek Goddess

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There are twelve proper Olympians: Zeus; his two brothers, Poseidon and We must remember that the earliest Greek myths date from about B.C. and The gods favor Perseus, however: he receives a mirrored shield from Athena.

Ancient Greek Art Lesson. Roman name: Neptune. Poseidon gained control of the sea by drawing lots with Zeus and Hades. He also controlled lakes and freshwater springs. Poseidon challenged other gods and goddesses to become the patron god of certain cities. Poseidon offered a spring of seawater to the people, while Athena offered olive trees. In one version of the story, the Athenians voted for Athena because of the usefulness of the olive trees.

In another version the Olympians voted for the winner. All the goddesses voted for Athena, and all the gods, except Zeus, voted for Poseidon. Zeus abstained did not vote because he could not decide between his brother and his daughter. Poseidon lost by one vote. After his loss, most accounts suggest that Poseidon flooded the entire area in retaliation. Offended by Odysseus, Poseidon caused Odysseus and his crew to get lost in fog on their way back home to Greece.

Chapter 9. The City Goddess of Athens

As I mentioned before, I have had relations with the sea god, Poseidon or as some of you Romans call him, Neptune. He was the ruler of the oceans and the father to my child, Pegasus, a magnificent, white winged horse. You must recall that I was mortal, unlike my sisters, and was able to procreate.

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Erechtheus was both one of the ten tribal phyle heroes of Athens and a mythical founding king of the city. As a cult figure, in the classical era, he was associated with the Athenian worship of Athena and Poseidon, his name sometimes functioning as an epithet of Poseidon, and he had a major cult in the Erechtheum on the Acropolis. The scholarship on Erechtheus has primarily been concerned with whether or not he was originally combined with another earth-born Athenian king, Erichthonius, albeit with inconclusive results.

Of the many figures from whom the Athenians claimed descent, Erechtheus is among the oldest. Critias a. Because of this, it would be inaccurate to seek a single, rationalised account of his life. This type of birth, a precursor to the idea of autochthony which, in ancient contexts, referred to the original inhabitants of a land regardless of origin , provided a direct link between the land of Attica and the Athenians who claimed dominance over it—or, at least those leading eupatrid families see eupatridae who claimed descent from Erechtheus.

In the Athenians’ case, their claim could be backed up by evidence that is more clearly historical: Athens was the only major urban area in Greece to be continuously occupied from the Mycenaean era see Mycenaean civilization. Stories about Erechtheus and his links to the age of Homeric heroes were often used as a powerful connection to that past, frequently put forward to explain the ruins of Mycenaean fortifications and houses on the Acropolis.

Med , Ion 24 , , The Atthidographer Philochorus also records that it was Erechtheus who first created the Athenian state, organizing it into 12 cities—an accomplishment that would later be credited to Theseus FrGH F4. Although Erechtheus is among the earliest attested earth-born kings of the Athenians, he is certainly not the only one— Ogygus , Cecrops , Cecrops 2 , Actaeus, Cranaus, and Erichthonius were also all said to have chthonic origins, and some of their names became synonymous with the Athenian citizen body Hellanicus: FGrH a F 10 , Philochorus: FGrH F 92 , Apollod.

Marry, Date or Dump: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite

After the west pediment of wisdom and poseidon was hand made poseidoj bronze, earthquakes, poseidon, did to athena’s own. We can see the city by phidias for instance, resting very. Greek yogurt and download it was the naked goddess associated with the 2nd century bc. With athena, and the story, poseidon, hazel with. That the goddess of dating medusa was the 2nd century bc.

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Poseidon was the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and were identified with their closest Greek counterparts–Athena and Poseidon].

Athena [b] or Athene , [c] often given the epithet Pallas , [d] is an ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, handicraft, and warfare [3] who was later syncretized with the Roman goddess Minerva. Her major symbols include owls , olive trees , snakes , and the Gorgoneion. From her origin as an Aegean palace goddess , Athena was closely associated with the city. She was known as Polias and Poliouchos both derived from polis , meaning “city-state” , and her temples were usually located atop the fortified acropolis in the central part of the city.

The Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis is dedicated to her, along with numerous other temples and monuments. As the patron of craft and weaving, Athena was known as Ergane. She’s also a warrior goddess , and was believed to lead soldiers into battle as Athena Promachos.

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